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Beatfreak Recordings Announces Special 200th Release

Beatfreak Recordings announces special 200th release

Involving different label’s friends.

Beatfreak Recording has revealed its latest project featuring the output’s main man D-Formation on a collaborative eight-track concept mini album.

The very special release is entitled ‘This is Beatfreak’ and follows April 18’s successful ‘Anbar’ EP that rapidly climbed to the progressive house charts.  In this occasion, the Spanish artist invites fellow musicians Citizen Kain, Rick Pier O’Neil, Stephane K and Dj Koutarou, along with three solo originals and two DJ tools.

On the different tracks, D-Formation shows the depth of his studio repertoire with heady creations that are both highly emotive and deeply introspective, joining forces with his collaborators and providing a musical journey that overpass his high standard productions.

‘This is Beatfreak’ will be out on November 2nd and you can grab your copy here.

Listen to D-Formation, Stephane K & Dj Koutarou.A – Sky Life track below.

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