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Beatport’s ‘We Are Unstoppable’ series highlights female innovators in music

It features a diverse range of women, from established figures to emerging talents.

Photo credit: Beatport – Youtube

Beatport presents the ‘We Are Unstoppable’ series, featuring comprehensive interviews with women making significant strides in the music industry.

This series showcases a diverse set of women, from established figures to rising talents, all demonstrating a relentless spirit driving critical changes in the music industry and beyond.

Featured women include Siala Stathopoylos, Autumn Rowe, Nikki McNeil, Mz Orstin, Ana Yglesias, Tia Korpe, Joanna Phillips, Merry Lamb, Elley Duhe, Ella McWilliam, Megan Morass, Suzy Ryo, Maria Grzeszczyk, Sydney Blu, Risa Taniguchi, Kiki Botonaki, Sophie Newman, Amy Jayne, Leena Lewis, Nadia Chopra, Majo Orellano, Alice Peralta, Sophie Bradley, Kazba, and Maria.

The ‘We Are Unstoppable’ series honors exceptional women in music. It highlights their journeys, challenges, victories, and resilience. It also serves as a platform for influential women to share their wisdom, acting as invaluable mentors for aspiring female musicians and industry professionals.

This series aligns with the ethos of International Women’s Day 2024, emphasizing women’s empowerment, gender equality, and the belief that “we are unstoppable” in music and beyond.

Watch the first episodes below.

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