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Behring presents ‘Gravitation & Particle Study’ live set performance

A spellbinding look into music and physics.

Berlin-based DJ and producer Behring has unveiled his latest project in his ‘Gravitation & Particle Study’, a stunning live set performance with audio-reactive visual art composed, programmed, and performed by Behring himself.

‘All matter in our universe is composed of particles. Each of them constitutes a minute portion of matter. The fundamentals of all physical laws rely on the behavior particles exhibit whilst being exposed to forces. This project is a study to simulate visually the interplay of 10000 particles with audio-reactive gravitational forces. If this model is transferred to humans, unions of countless particles, they would show similar behaviors if forces are big enough. Actually, on the scale of galaxies and universes humans themselves can be considered particles. As the creation of such big gravity forces and waves remains a mystery, during this live set listeners can experience a different force – pressure. More accurately ‘organized pressure waves,’ which Behring considers a definition for music,’ is further described by its press release.

Submerge inside Behring’s ‘Gravitation & Particle Study’ live set performance below.


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