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Behrouz’s Birthday: A Journey Into The Human Soul

If you have ever experienced the sands of Black Rock City and danced in the mirages of the Playa, then you know that very few if no worldly experiences could mimic the music, art, individual expression or sense of community found deep in the desert that one special week of the year.

Written by Alex Del Campillo and Caitlin Electra.
Photos by Caitlin Electra, Alex Del Campillo and Marie Trejos for Miami Publicist.

On Friday April 14th, long-time Burning Man favorite, the maestro Behrouz Nazari brought a little piece of the Playa and all of its abstraction to his club Do Not Sit On The Furniture in South Beach, Miami. It was the occasion of his own birthday celebration that inspired the team to completely convert the property into a Burning Man camp with the most sincerest level of authenticity. Burners, music and art fans, friends and family from all reaches of the world attended; many came to the property that evening not only to indulge in an all-night set of pure music from the maestro Behrouz himself, but to relive the beauty in the art and community while rekindling friendships and honoring memories left behind in the rolling dust and also making new ones.

The space was transformed into a special garden of delights with vines and flowery decor enveloping every post, wall, space and fixture in the club and its inviting outdoor patio converted into its own camp lounge. There were teepee structures raised in each corner surrounding a very special metal centaur sculpture in the middle. The structure playground was reminiscent of the landscape of the Burning Man Playa where adults can become children again and climb and play on the installations.

The most striking centerpiece of the evening was the iron centaur sculpture; a rare vintage piece donated especially for the event by the Burning Man team of engineers associated with artist Laura Kimpton; the hotelier family named artist is known within this particular community for her art embraced widely on the Playa, such as the 20′ steel words LOVE and other larger-than-life, nostalgic, inspiring signature word sculptures of Burning Man such as EARTH and HOME.

The large back wall of the terrace became the canvas for unique and captivating projection mapping designs by Jorden Abdelhadi paired with lasers and fog. Vendors including DankItML Pieces, and Design to Radiate lined up the walls, selling garments and accessories epitomizing the fashions of the desert and gypsy culture, alongside a face painting station where the artist transformed her subjects into their own special characters with the most expressive of metallic and iridescent colors. The fashion market displayed wares that not only encaptured the post-apocalyptic creative fashion of Burning Man, as reflected on the unique designs of the event Flyer and promotions that are a signature of the Do Not Sit brand. The look of the crowd was as unique and self- expressive; individuals integrated Miami high fashion and design in their own looks wearing everything from faux fur and top hats to Louboutins and YSL backpacks. I follow the aroma of the burning Peruvian sacred wood “palo santo” into the club to the inner club where the room was transformed into its own sanctuary for dance with jellyfish flora floating on the ceiling. The DJ booth was fully adorned with the same flowers and vine that first enticed me at the entrance to the patio walk.

Behrouz took over the music controls for a magical adventure through hours of rich, deep and contemplative rhythms of house and tech that I could not only hear but feel and even see.

The audience was treated to darker and more spiritual forms of deep house that allowed them to be lost and hypnotized in dance. Playing tracks both new and old, such as the recently released Frankey & Sandrino remix of Oxia’s ‘Domino’ or a special remix of ‘Unfinished Sympathy’ by Massive Attack, Behrouz appealed to all music types while exploring all areas of the spectrum to all corners of the room. Those entranced by the sound were treated as he played seamlessly till the wee hours of the morning. After some cake and special birthday wishes the night concluded and guests left undoubtedly eager for what Behrouz and Do Not Sit on the Furniture would bring to this year’s installment of Burning Man and future intimate nights that are signature of the Do Not Sit room and brand.

“We need to bring the spirit of the Playa and Burning Man home to our club and community because… There we create a space where we can be our true selves. There is no judgement. This is very important.” – Behrouz Nazari

We honor Behrouz on his birthday and throughout the year for his artistry and the growth and movement of the club and label. On his own special night he gave his club family the best gift right back – Behrouz all night long!

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