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Berlin Clubs Shut Down Until April 20th

Berlin clubs shut down until April 20th

The measure was enacted by the Senate to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

The 280 clubs in the German capital city must close until April 20th, 2020 and cancel all their programming. This measure paralyses Berlin’s nightlife for at least five weeks with the aim of preventing the thousands of regular visitors that gather in these venues from being infected with the Covid-19 virus.

Although many owners, aware of their social responsibility, had temporarily closed their doors before the official order was announced, employers and workers will face an important situation from now on, given that they do not generate income from cancelled events, as operators lack counter-financing.

A statement sent by the Berlin Club Commission indicates that “with this far-reaching decision to close all clubs, more than 9,000 employees, as well as 20,000 other artists, are suddenly out of work, and clubs without income.” For this reason, some clubs have already filed for bankruptcy as a precautionary measure, otherwise, they risk delaying bankruptcy.

Likewise, the statement signed by spokesman and board member of Clubcommission Berlin Lutz Leichsenring indicates that, without public help, the city’s club scene will hardly survive this breakup, and with it, much of its cultural diversity will also be lost. At the same time, Berlin as a place of business will suffer considerable damage in the long term. However, the Club Commission assures that “it has initiated the first measures to maintain the liquidity of companies for as long as possible”.

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