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Berlin Government Invests €1 Million To Support Its Nightlife Culture

Berlin government invests €1 Million to support its nightlife culture

Berlin has always been a following model to the worldwide electronic community. Recently the city authorities gave another point confirming it.

As reported by the German newspaper Tagesspiegel the government of Berlin has promised 1 million euros to help nightclubs to be equipped with the adequate protection against noise, in order to safely coexist with neighbors and other clubs. The renovations include soundproofing facilities in music venues and noise barriers in outdoor areas, as well as soundproof windows for local residents.

Currently, some city clubs like YAAM, KulturBrauerei, Jonny Knüppel among others have issues with their neighbors. All parts involved hope that with this measure these clubs do not close their doors as others in past. The number of closed venues moves around 170 since 2011.

This ordinance follows the same path as others recently done in cities like London or Zurich.

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