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Berny: “It’s about sharing emotions, music and feeling so close to different kinds of people”

Berny first came into the public domain with his smash hit ‘Shplatten’ in 2010 on Aenaria Recordings. The track rocked all Clubs and Festivals around the world thanks to the support of Richie Hawtin and Marco Carola and gived to BERNY a well deserved international reputation together with a long permanence on Beatport Top 20.

Electronic Groove: Hi Berny, thanks for taking the time to chat with us. You just finished an Asian tour. How was it? Any particular highlight?

Berny: Hi guys thanks for this interview, really big pleasure for me. Yes I just got back in September from a real amazing Asia Tour, my second one after 2014. This time I visited Bangkok, Singapore and Kuala Lumpur. For sure the highlight was the amazing Jungle Experience Party in the island of Koh Phangan in Thailand where I played with Kaiser Souzai, Randy Seidman and Marco Loco, 5000 people dancing in the middle of the jungle till morning.

Electronic Groove: How do you feel touring. It is something that inspires you?

Berny: I love touring and playing my music for different people all around the world, it’s the essence of my job and I always try to do it the best way I can. I consider myself mainly a DJ then a Producer so when I play I really do it with with all my passion and heart; when I see so many different kind of people in all countries dancing and screaming to my music i’m glad I had the courage to have done this very difficult lifestyle choice.

Electronic Groove: Tell us about your musical roots. How did you get involved with electronic music?

Berny: I started back in 90’s buying all vinyls from Vangelis albums and listening to New Age and Electronic music thanks to a special Magazine here in Italy that weekly was selling Review + CD compilations with tracks from Jean Michel Jarre, Brian Eno, Kraftwerk and Tangerine Dream. Then at the end of ’90s I followed (and bought) all releases from Laurent Garnier’s F Communications label and versatile records approaching the Deep House genre. I was definetly inspired since year 2000 by all Cafè Del Mar compilations, Kerri Chandler productions and all records from producers like MAW, Funk D’Void, The Timewriter, Aqua Bassino and Jimpster.

“I play Deep House but in very wide term”

Electronic Groove: How would you define your musical style?

Berny: I play Deep House but in very wide term; I always introduce tribal elements in my sets together with refined NU Disco vibes ; of course when I play morning sets I push more toward Techno and Tech/House but never exceeding 128 bpm and trying to maintain always a ‘jackin’ rhythmic .

Electronic Groove: In terms of releases, can you please describe your latest ones?

Berny: My latest releases includes the remixes I did this summer for Oscar P‘s and Robert Owens track ‘Thank You’ on Open Bar Music that reached Top 40 on Traxsource Deep House Chart together last month with my two tracks ‘Mombassa’ and ‘Ask Yourself’ taken from my EP on Berlin label Spagat Music and both on Top 30 Traxsource Deep House Chart . Last month I was honored to release my remix for Joe Brunning on Funk D’Void’s Outpost Recordings out exclusively only on Beatport.

Electronic Groove: There are more Berny’s productions coming soon?

Berny: Yes, I am slowly trying to finish my second artist album after my first one ‘Central Park’ back in 2013 and this December I have a new 4 tracks EP coming out Deeplomatic Recordings, can’t wait for that!

“Some clubs and some parties are special, they have a ‘soul’ and there is where you feel how strong music can connect people”

Electronic Groove: Can you name a few advantages and disadvantages about being an international DJ?

Berny: It depends on the spirit you have and live this job; the advantages for me are all about traveling and visiting all the times new places but most of all it’s about sharing emotions, music and feeling so close to different kinds of people, one world, one love! Some clubs and some parties are special, they have a ‘soul’ and there is where you feel how strong music can connect people, I live and play for that ! The ‘disadvantages’ ? Little sleep, some lost flights and a little homesick when you are on tour.

Electronic Groove: What are your plans for the coming months?

Berny: I am planning some gigs in USA and India for 2017, I have confirmed dates in Madrid and Beirut and I can’t wait to be back in my lovely Berlin this December, right now for me best city in the world where to play.


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