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Bloom: Open Space, A ‘mixed Reality’ Instalation By Brian Eno And Peter Shilvers

Bloom: Open Space, a ‘mixed reality’ instalation by Brian Eno and Peter Shilvers

An innovative audio-visual project based upon their highly acclaimed, award-winning app.

Brian Eno and Peter Shilvers have been working together for many years. After developing the generative music app,’Bloom’, they move forward with ‘Bloom Open Space’, partnering with Microsoft using the company’s HoloLens smartglasses.

The installation allows participants “to step into a central zone surrounded by screens, where they can physically experience Bloom—tapping the air around them to create elaborate patterns paired with unique melodies composed by Brian Eno.”

‘Bloom: Open Space’ will take place at Amsterdam’s Transformatorhuis, from February 21st – 25th.

Watch the preview video below

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