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Bodeler – Sampler 10 (Wolf Trap)

Wolf Trap return with their 23rd after having a wonderful run of late with some impressive past releases including artists such as Vince Watson & Sierra Sam, and it’s easy to see why these established artists are happy to work on Wolf Trap music.

Continuing their run of well-programmed releases is ‘Sampler 10’ EP by Bodeler that includes 2 remixes, first one from Sousk & Stefan Weise and an individual effort by Stefan.

Berlin-based Bodeler has received praise for his past releases on Little Helpers and Hello?Repeat labels by the likes of Luciano & Nick Curly amongst others, but it’s on Wolf Trap we find him at his finest.

We open with the title track ‘Sampler 10’ a wonderfully playful jazzy affair, with its brushed marching drums and intermittent synth doodling, it’s delivered with great execution and forethought. Cleverly placed this track could be play at any time of day or night, a testament to the track itself. On the second original Bodeler presents it’s ‘00001′, featuring again his stripped marching grooves, this time with a slight techier feel to the groove and synth work but still with the essence of playfulness that the producer conveys with great ease.

The first of 2 remixes is Bodeler’s ‘Sampler 10 (Stefan Weise Remix)’, where he uplifts the tracks into a hyper reality of the original, light and dreamy with some fantastic percussive work driving the breezy synths along with great conviction and purpose, wonderful stuff. Sousk joins up with Stefan to remix ‘00001’. Present from the off is the lovely meandering chord progressions and sound design the pair have conjured up, Interlaced with the mild acid tones that swell in the later sections this is a fast paced dubbed out sonic wonderland.

Bodeler’s ‘Sampler 10’ EP is available on Wolf Trap.

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