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BOg – Corso/Juno – Bedrock

BOg – Corso/Juno – Bedrock

No stranger to one of the most iconic labels on the scene, the Romanian-born artist BOg is back on John Digweed’s Bedrock Records yet again, with two new tracks, brimming with electrifying energy. Featuring the titular ‘Corso’ and ‘Juno 99’, his new outing also boasts a massive remix from label owner, John Digweed himself, alongside the eternal Nick Muir, for what will surely be one of this year’s highlights for the UK imprint.

With a distinct and recognizable flavor, the ATLANT head honcho kicks things into gear immediately with ‘Corso’. Here, the groove blazes from the get-go, making no time for nonsense, as monster kicks lay the foundation for what’s about to come. Rolling synth lines traverse through a blinder of a bassline that takes no prisoners. Halfway through ‘Corso’, a resonating lead line ups the ante, while tension grows with each passing second, for a gripping breakdown, leading to that peak-hour drop that is bound to set dancefloors alight.

For its part, ‘Juno 99’ dives deeper into acidic territory. A bit more colorful than its counterpart, the piece revolves around bright neon stabs, that intertwine with dirty synths, showcasing the producer’s imagination for techno-driven tracks. Dark and gritty, but never losing the elegance that characterizes BOg as an underground savant by now.

Into the finale, it’s the stalwart pair of John Digweed and Nick Muir take ‘Corso’ out for a spin. Trading the original framework for a more robust one, the groove tears apart everything standing in its path, as synth stabs cascade down, creating an avalanche of incommensurable proportions. Bigger and menacing, ‘Corso’ becomes a centerpiece for those 5 AM sets, with a breakdown worthy of festival stages. One can only start to imagine what this marvelous take might do aided by the lights and the heat of the masses.

Rich in expression, with ‘Corso/Juno’, BOg reminds us just why he’s become one of the most noteworthy producers in the Bedrock catalog, as his distinct sound makes this one a must-have. 

BOg’s ‘Corso/Juno’ EP is out now, and you can grab your copy here.

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