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BonBonniere Grand Opening With Lica & Audiofly

BonBonniere Grand Opening with Lica & Audiofly

Its original London location closed among too many other nightclubs in the past few years. With the high price of property, new council measures and predatory neighbors, it’s a privilege that BonBonniere is once again opening its doors to the Mayfair locality.

The London scene has recently been to referred to as ‘murder of the dancefloor’ due the cities various venue terminations. It is beneficial for the electronic dance music scene to have opportunities like the re-opening pf BonBonniere, to stream new and old talents, which will also help aid in the revolution of new clubs and its greatly desired deep and tech house scene.

On March 2nd, the red curtains drew to a soiree of heals and glamorously dressed guests, which was so remarkably busy so immediately after the opening of the doors. Lica, who is well known in the London scene often plays at Hovarda and Cuckoo, was the first act of the night. She commenced the evening with such energy and power that the crowd couldn’t resist but propel themselves on to the dance floor. Her powerful stage presence and soulful sound manifested into the crowd which sprung to combine perfectly with the bustling atmosphere.

The second act, Audiofly, who were perfectly coupled with the first performance, took the stage with style. The boys seemed to take over with ease, diving in head first with a certain level of mischievousness. When the two artists play together, the surrounding crowd became fascinated by the intensity of the bond, creating a whirlwind of uncontainable energy. The unison of the boy’s movements in conjunction with the staccato of the music captivated the full aggregation, granting the crowd a continuation of blissful expression. The success of another London event by the Flying Circus couple will hopefully draw the Barcelona based duo into participating at more of our local club nights.

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