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Booking United brings together more than 80 Berlin agencies

They represent over a thousand DJs and producers.

The Booking United project was born as a result of the serious problems that the dance music sector is going through due to the closure of clubs and the prohibitions on holding festivals in Germany. The project represents a lot of the companies that have run out of income overnight and are unclear when they will be able to recover.

Among the association’s first actions is the publication of an open letter addressed to the German authorities in which they demand different measures and actions by the government with the aim of preventing many of the Berlin-based artists and their agents from going under financial ruin.

The proposed measures include the request for urgent aid for cultural workers of all kinds, demanding equality between a DJ and the actor in a play; a clear and concise plan on the safety and hygiene measures to be implemented by the clubs when they can open, in addition to a specific calendar with dates, since it is considered essential to be able to work with clear objectives; and the expansion of aid that has already been approved by the authorities and that is currently only granted for three months.

You can find more information about Booking United here.

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