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Bora Uzer Partners With Vander And Mynox On The Latest Art Vibes Release

Bora Uzer partners with Vander and Mynox on the latest Art Vibes release

Different remixes have been included as part of the musical package.

Eclectic label Art Vibes has presented its fiftieth installment featuring vocalist, multi-instrumentalist, and producer Bora Uzer, who has teamed up with Mynox and Amsterdam-based DJ and producer Vander to create ‘Let It Breathe’.

The original version fuses elements of electronica, deep house, and modern pop, with the lush vocals of Bora that “convey a certain epicurism and invites the listeners to let go and accept life”.

Three remixes were also released including alternative versions by Pandhora duo, British talent Shunus, and Volt Milano residents Sound Shapes.

On the first one, Pandhora crafted a progressive & melodic reshape incorporating jazzy chords and upbeat grooves. Then Shunus comes with a different approach, slowing things down with his downtempo sound signature and a relish of western vibes. To wrap up the EP, the Italian duo Sound Shapes infused their deep sounds and decided to go for a tense atmosphere that suits afterhours dancefloors.

All tracks were mastered by Justin Peterson for Art Vibes.

Grab your copy here and listen below.

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