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Boris Brejcha illuminates Buenos Aires’ Mandarine Park

Photo Credit: Felix Hohagen

A high-tech minimal extravaganza.

Sometimes, a show is so much more than just a show or a performance. Built on a delayed pleasure, Boris Brejcha’s presentation at Mandarine Park in Buenos Aires got postponed 2 times, taking over a whole year to be fulfilled. It was proof of how anticipation can affect an experience, making it all the more sweeter.

In what can only be described as a perfect summer night, Mandarine Park, one of the city’s premier open-air venues, came alive, once again, roaring tall and proud. A massive production under the creative eye of BAN Talent, the first presentation of two by Brejcha in the Argentine capital was a complete success.

Throughout 7 hours, the electricity running in the air was palpable, energizing an ocean of a crowd that dropped its first moves with local stalwart Nicolás Taboada and the celebrated KlangKunst duo, who took the lead with color and high-flying vibes, always staying on the brighter side of the rabbit hole.

By 2 AM, the boys handed the decks over to the FCKNG SERIOUS royalty, Ann Clue. In what proved to be a highly emotional set, her bold sound engulfed the buoyant crowd, setting off a frenzy. It was the rush the natural-born clubbers were all looking for in these pandemic times. As the clock indicated it was 4 AM, Ann had locked the gates of space travel, trapping everyone present in a mesmerizing freefall.

The time had come. The rubber ducklings were set, and the mask, polished. A grand entrance, and an even grander reception from the Argentine crowd. Standing on the shoulders of giants, Boris Brejcha gave himself away to the warm embrace of a crowd that celebrated every dark twist and turn by the high-tech minimal maestro in a set brimming with modern classics such as ‘Gravity’, or ‘Never Stop Dancing’.

A showstopping journey, Brejcha’s sound traversed through time and space for two gripping hours, fuelled by images from dystopian futures and carving sublime moments that have been written in stone for all of those who had the pleasure to explore deep inside the imagination of the man behind the harlequin mask. Sometimes, a night is more than just a night. Sometimes, it’s FCKNG SERIOUS.

Boris Brejcha will return to Mandarine Park this Saturday, December 18th.

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