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Brian Eno reveals a limited edition color-changing turntable

Each unit is priced at £20,000 and comes with Eno’s signature and an engraved edition number.

Photo credit: Paul Stolper – Website

Renowned artist Brian Eno, known for his genre-spanning work and contributions to the ambient music scene, has unveiled his latest creation: ‘Turntable II’. This color-changing turntable is the second iteration of Eno’s collaboration with the Paul Stolper Gallery.

From February 6th to March 9th, 2024, art enthusiasts can experience ‘Turntable II’ at the Paul Stolper Gallery in London. Crafted with acrylic LED lights, this limited edition piece is available for purchase in a run of only 150 units, starting from Tuesday, February 13th.

‘Turntable II’ offers the versatility to play both 33 and 45rpm vinyl records. Eno’s exploration of light in his artwork draws inspiration from influential artists such as James Turrell, Mondrian, and the Russian avant-garde movement of the early 20th century. Unlike its predecessor, this new version showcases “generative colourscapes” that seamlessly and independently evolve over time.

Eno describes the allure of the turntable, stating, “It’s the softness of these colors and the way they blend together that is so captivating. When it’s not playing a record, it becomes a sculpture.”

Priced at £20,000 (excluding VAT), each ‘Turntable II’ is accompanied by the artist’s signature and an engraved individual edition number on its base, adding an exclusive and collectible touch.

For more information about ‘Turntable II’ visit Paul Stolper’s official website here.

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