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Brigitte Barbu releases ‘La Science des Imbéciles’ album

Out via Circus Company.

Photo Credit: Brigitte Barbu – Circus Company

 Paris-based artist Brigitte Barbu has unveiled his highly anticipated sophomore album entitled ‘La Science des Imbéciles’ (Ludicrous System), via  Circus Company.

Exploring a unique sonic landscape, Barbu merges ambient, electronica, and experimental elements to create a whimsical and captivating musical journey. ‘La Science des Imbéciles’ is a testament to the artist’s ability to infuse comic tones and cosmic relief into his compositions, resulting in a lively and vibrant musical experience.

The album features reverberating estranged arrangements, bizarre sounds, electronic fantasies, and ‘hallucinationalism’ that transport listeners into Barbu’s surreal sonic world. Recorded during a gastro-reclusive residency in an Un-Orthodox Union Spacy Workstation, the album draws inspiration from ‘Californian psychedelia’ and a mix of medieval Cyrillic chaos.

“I wanted to compose an intangible pop LP,” explains Barbu, “with guitar as an alibi, blending arrogant synthesizers and humble plug-ins,” he added.

Listen to Brigitte Barbu’s ‘La Science des Imbéciles’ album below, and purchase your copy here.

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