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Bublikstas & Corvad feat. Anneq C – Crystal Walls – Cosmism Records

Coming off fresh from releases on forward-thinking labels like Soma Records and Mau5trap, the protégé of Joachim Garraud and head of Cosmism Records is now set to present ‘Crystal Walls’. In collaboration with Bublikstas, a staple of the electronic music scene in Minsk who’s still going strong, even after falling under the harsh repressions of the autocratic regime in his native country and finding political asylum in Poland., and vocalist Anneq C, the trio create an overbearing yet frail picture that perfectly depicts a timeline in which the post-Soviet countries exist now.

A machine-enhanced Anneq C subdues listeners with a distorted message before a violently rich frame sets in, driving the futuristic piece forwards. Heavy hands behind the drums tread, devouring everything in plain sight as sirens pierce through the gritty mix, offsetting notions of paranoia and tension that are expertly manipulated by the pair. Carefully curated, ‘Crystal Walls’ presents listeners with exceptional details that manage to showcase the fragility behind the iron curtain with nods to the quintessential blend of electronica and rock, resulting in a truly avant-garde cut that feels like a very abrasive, yet intimate, overstimulation of the senses.

‘Bublikstas & Corvad feat. Anneq C – Crystal Walls’ is out now via Cosmism Records. Purchase your copy here.

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