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Butane celebrates 10 years of Little Helpers

A decade supporting the electronic scene.

Little Helpers celebrates 10 years projecting different worldwide electronic music exponents. Butane and Someone Else co-founders of the record company have made a one-hour compilation to celebrate this anniversary.

“Trying to distill the essence of 10 years of music into a 1-hour mix is difficult, but I feel it’s an accurate representation of the range of the label”, said the artist. Butane also added that his output can feature the type of music that is not totally focused on the dancefloor, but shows several nuances. “Little Helpers is much closer to my true roots in dance music: the warm up and afterhours sets”.

Little Helpers 350 features 11 tracks including contributions from the likes of Stefano Noferini, Alexi Delano, James Dexter, among others. Listen to the mix snippet below.


1. James Dexter – Little Helper 350-1
2. Andrew McDonnell – Little Helper 350-2
3. Archila, Tons – Little Helper 350-3
4. Legit Trip – Little Helper 350-4
5. Alexi Delano, Marcelo Rosselot – Little Helper 350-5
6. Stefano Noferini, Looad – Little Helper 350-6
7. Someone Else, Miro Pajic – Little Helper 350-7
8. Marc Faenger – Little Helper 350-8
9. Butane, Riko Forinson – Little Helper 350-9
10. Tripio X – Little Helper 350-10
11. Butane – Little Helper 350-11

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