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Camille Luciani – Aphteraq – Steyoyoke Black

French producer Camille Luciani debuts on Steyoyoke Black with a pack of four original tracks that sweep along the darker spectrums of techno with deep cuts that emphasize a delicate but powerful style of production focused on elaborate layering and meticulous sound design.

‘Amonrath’ opens up the EP with a deep, big-room techno cut that progressively builds up with looming strings and slowly gets more mental and mysterious with the incorporation of huge celestial sounding pads and potent sound effects, ultimately leading into an intense and liberating last drop. A true party starter.

Fronting a contagious string hook and a magical sound palette, ‘Aphteraq’ follows up with further intensity. Joined by an array of pads, stabs, and FX sounds, the track makes you feel lost in a dream. Its engaging progressive nature will drive you into an interesting rhythmic trip that also features a stunning variety of percussion.

‘Ascendere’ highlights the artist’s impressively detailed level of work packing layers of precise effects, addicting percussion and shifting melodies with pace fastening claps and hats turning it into a complete party banger.

Last but certainly not least comes ‘Mirage’ to close out a well-rounded collection with what most would consider the best song of the release. Echoing melodies, big wide claps and shakers shimmer on top of an acid-infused bassline that comes and goes but doesn’t let go, a clear statement of Luciani’s artistic maturity and unambiguous production.

Camille Luciani’s ‘Aphteraq’ is already available on Steyoyoke Black. Grab your copy here.


01. Camille Luciani – Amonrath (Original Mix)
02. Camille Luciani – Aphteraq (Original Mix)
03. Camille Luciani – Ascendere (Original Mix)
04. Camille Luciani – Mirage (Original Mix)

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