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Camelphat share new edit of Snirco & Millero’s ‘Sweet Moment’

Via When Stars Align label.

Camelphat just released a fresh version of Snirco and Millero’s latest single, ‘Sweet Moment,’ under their own When Stars Align label.

The track’s original version captivates listeners with its smooth rhythm, synth patterns, and hypnotic vocals. The duo’s creative collaboration has created an exciting anthem, also adding a remix from Camelphat.

Snirco, with its distinctive blend of psy-trance, house, and jazz, enthralls audiences across the globe. Similarly, Millero, the brainchild of Israeli DJ Roy Miller, distinguishes himself through his rhythmic bass lines, vocals, and lively drum beats. His work has found homes with labels like Renaissance Records and Monaberry.

Listen to ‘Sweet Moment’ below and download your copy here.

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