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Canson – Nothing To Guide – Sol Selectas

Canson – Nothing to Guide – Sol Selectas

In a world where there seems to be an abundance of new electronic music it’s fair to say that things can start to sound a little samey, so when something distinctly different comes along it’s hard not to pay attention.

Canson’s new release on Sol Selectas is definitely one of those releases with an individual sound, as its low slung grooves have an Egyptian influence that isn’t often heard in the house genre.

The two original tracks titled ‘Humming Dunes’ and ‘Kolumbus’ have a deep and melodic sound that’s got lots of percussion. Overall it has a very smooth and polished sound which suits the hypnotizing blend of texture.

Adding some extra flavor to the EP is a stunning remix from Ninze who often collaborates with Okaxy, but this solo outing is an exquisite example of what he can do on his own. Careful not to lose the vibe of ‘Kolumbus’ he really brings out the melodic elements and his spine-tingling rework certainly adds to the track.

Existing fans of Sol Selectas will know its subtle links to Burning Man in the Nevada desert, and this EP certainly wouldn’t sound out of place on the Robot Heart stage.

Canson’s ‘Nothing to Guide’ is already available. Grab your copy here.

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