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No Regular Play’s new album is packed with emotions (Stream)

No Regular Play duo Greg Paulus and Nick DeBruyn met as 8 year olds growing up in St. Paul, Minnesota. Since then they have built a relationship that has transcended in time.

Throughout their musical careers they have produced some outstanding tunes like their critically acclaimed “Endangered Species” release that led to their second album “Can’t You See”, produced by Alex “Hammer” Hamadey. The album is crafted during the troubled times of coping with the loss of a dear loved one. Fired by adversity, “Can’t You See” is a testament to the power of creativity in times of sorrow.

This time around, the duo has worked hard creating a unique blend of sounds with an unprecedented level of detail. The end result is a robust, substantively deep and ready to soundtrack your night.


The duo began composing this album shortly after the passing of Gregory Paulus’ father, Stephen Paulus, one of the most prolific American composers of the last century. Consequently, the core of the album is driven by their bold spirit to positively respond to a very intense period in their lives. The songwriting takes a deeper tone addressing the topics of life, death, hope, cherished memories and perseverance. “Can’t You See” is about remembrance and embracing the beautiful truth that the music will always live on.

The second track of the album and first single due out 6/24, “Lake Gilmore”, carries an eerie nostalgia that serenely enhances this theme of remembrance. The melody is an outline of a chord Stephen Paulus used to play frequently, a stylistic hallmark. No Regular Play recorded this melody on Stephen’s Steinway grand piano from 1925, a family heirloom and the same piano he wrote music on every day of his life. Throughout the album, there are many recordings made on Stephen’s piano, so listen closely on “Be Together” & “Never Be the Same”. These were some of the last notes played on the beloved instrument.

For the lead single, the duo were overjoyed to have Juan MacLean, a huge inspiration, add his signature touch, subtly but strongly to Lake Gilmore, creating a perfect version for the dance floor.

The album will be out 8/5 on Crew Love Records. Pre-order “Lake Gilmore” Single Here:

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