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Christopher Coe teams up with Carl Cox on a new label that focuses on live electronic artists

One of the debut tracks was included on Cox’s latest Essential Mix.

The Australian producer, Christopher Coe aka Digital Primate has been releasing records since 1999 through techno labels Pro-Jex and Bush Records. Now he’s teaming with Carl Cox to create the Awesome Soundwave imprint.

Cox commented about the new venture, “the idea was to create a label where artists who actually can make their music live, and perform their music live, have a stable where they can be themselves, be able to create the music without any boundaries and to feel free in the sense of releasing music without prejudice in any way, shape or form.”

The first release was produced by Christopher Coe and is entitled ‘MNTNS of SLNCE’. It features 8 tracks that blend into deep, resonant and rumbling techno, drawing upon the interest he has in alternative tunings such as the resonant frequencies of the 432khz tuning standard. It also features live recordings of the Schumann’s Resonances and traditional Irish instruments recorded in a traditional setting.

‘MNTNS of SLNCE’ will be out May via Awesome Soundwave.

Listen to the first single ‘Headland’ below.

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