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Carl Cox & Last Night A DJ Saved My Life invite DJs to their ‘Summer Of Love’

Raising funds to create a sustainable future for children in developing countries.

After the success of Last Night A DJ Saved My Life’s ‘Set For Love’ campaign last year, where 10,000 DJs got involved to raise £128,000 for children in developing countries, the brand and their ambassadors, like Carl Cox and Nightmares On Wax, are re-igniting the initiative for 2021.

This time, with restrictions being lifted across many countries, Last Night A DJ Saved My Life is inviting DJs and content creators from all over the globe to take part in their ‘Summer Of Love’, kicking off this June 18th. The open call is an invitation to participate by putting on your own Set For Love event or by doing an online set/performance. Since the pandemic has affected a lot of places differently, the open call will run for over a month after the initial weekend.

You can learn more about LNADJ’s ‘Summer Of Love’ & Set For Love initiative and make a donation here.


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