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Carly Boy’s Class Of 88 Recordings Prepares Acid House Compilation

Carly Boy’s Class of 88 Recordings prepares acid house compilation

It’s time to relive the acid sounds.

Following the seminal Ecstasy Club’s ‘Jesus Loves the Acid’ song that was played by legends like Aphex Twin, Carl Cox or Derek May, the Birmingham-based artist Carly Boy recently embarked on a new venture creating the Class of 88 Recordings label

After a long period without being involved in music, the acid house producer took some inspiration from young producers and demos he received during the last year, and moved forward alongside his friend Richard Norris to create a thirteen-track compilation entitled ‘This is Acid – Volume 1’ that features Il Est Pecheur, The Space Cadets, Ever Seein Eye, Alkan Johnson, Rue, Itchy, Slack and Moto, Funky Brothers, and more. The release will be out October 1st on digital plus a limited vinyl edition on November 26th.

In order to promote their upcoming work the label released a four-track EP, ‘Can You Feel It’ done by JTLA in collaboration with Rev Mike Curry. An instrumental version is included plus three different mixes.

Listen to JTLA’s ‘Can You Feel It’ below and grab your copy here.


1. The Space Cadets – Interstellar Acid Splash
2. Ever Seein Eye – Beat Dad
3. Alkan Johnson – Bird Fly East
4. JLTA feat Rev Mike Curry – Can You Feel It
5. Rue, Itchy, Slack and Moto – Acid Salsa
6. Richard Norris – Jesus Loves The Acid
7. Neon – Bright Lights
8. Funky Brothers – Somewhere in Berlin
9. The Ectasy Club – Raw Power
10. The Illuminated Ones – Ghost Tiger
11. Il Est Pecheur – Magik
12. Ever Seein Eye – Beat Dad (Dani Diamond Remix)
13. Felpsatron 3000 -Waiting for the Night

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