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Cassy Announces New Label, Kwench Records

Cassy Announces new label, Kwench Records

Cassy’s next exciting venture, boasts promising collaborations under the label name Kwench Records, kicking things off with a solid 3 track EP between Cassy and Toronto based DJ/Producer Demuir, one of Cassy’s favourite producers.

Demuir’s ‘Derrick Does Disco’ EP, which came out on Great Lakes Audio in 2016 was a favorite in Cassy’s sets throughout that year, even making it onto her Mixmag presents CD ‘Let’s Talk About Donna’, which accompanied her cover story in June of that year.

“I play Demuir’s records a lot because it’s simply fantastic party music, and in my eyes he is one of the most amazing producers out there”, Cassy commented

‘Kwench Records’ is a collaborative label created by Cassy in 2017. Each release will embody an authentic and direct approach to producing a dance music record. On each release, two or more artists will unite their talents on an EP of original material, with an additional artist joining the package on remix duty. Artists will be free to experiment with the many faces of House Music, something Cassy prides herself in doing so also.

“As a DJ and producer, you deal with people’s desires. You have the opportunity to satisfy those desires, to quench people’s emotional thirst. Music is the best tool for enlivening and reviving people’s souls.” 

As a special treat for the first release, Cassy is holding back the incredible remix package until later this year.

Cassy x Demuir ‘Please Me’ EP will be out November 3rd. Grab your copy here.

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