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Cassy presents the ‘E.T. Ascension’ EP

Featuring Remix by The Persuader.

Photo Credit: Cassy – Official

Cassy, the Austrian DJ & producer, has recently released her latest musical offering entitled ‘E.T. Ascension’, which also features a remix by The Persuader.

Cassy’s mini-album takes listeners on a journey through her love for house and techno music. She produced these tracks in her Berlin home studio using just an 808 and a PC, keeping it simple like she did in the early 2000s. Her EP pays tribute to her unique style and the freedom she felt while creating it.

“The whole idea behind this record was to work in a way that was similar to how I used to when I lived in Berlin. When I started using this setup from my ex-husband, I felt that the sounds were fresh. It was nice to revisit these feelings by using the machine and reinvigorating myself with my unique approach to producing music and also my vocals. I felt reconnected with that part of myself as a producer again when I made this EP,” Cassy commented.

Listen to ‘E.T. Ascension’ below and download your copy here.

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