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Cazt and Soldera remix Dandara Manoela’s ‘Minha Prece’

Now available on MoBlack Records.

Cazt and Soldera have released a remix of ‘Minha Prece’, celebrating Brazilian musicality and the deep groove of Afro House. The track, originally produced by Brazilian singer-songwriter Dandara Manoela, has been adapted for the dancefloor and released by MoBlack Records.

The remix celebrates ancestral power and features the beautiful vocals from Dandara Manoela’s original song. It strengthens the connection to the dancefloor with percussive beats, deep synths, chords, and a characteristic Afro-House feel.

“The idea for the remix struck me when I first heard the original song. The lyrics deeply moved me and helped me reconnect with my inner strength. I created the first version and reached out to Dandara Manoela on Instagram. She was excited about the remix idea and provided the stems for me to enhance the track. I then presented it to Soldera, who I greatly admire. He also became a fantastic partner. He listened to the first version and suggested edits, leading us to the final result we’re both very pleased with,” explains Cazt.

The remix is a fusion of rising star Cazt, who has been recognized by industry giants like Martin Garrix and Tiesto since 2020 for his distinctive blend of Brazilian music with Afro and Deep House, and Soldera, a veteran influencer in the national scene with releases under labels like Armada Music, Loulou Records, and Sudam Recordings.

Listen to the ‘Minha Prece’ remix below and secure your copy here.


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