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Ceas – Ego – Labo T

Hailing from the southern regions of France, Ceas makes a highly anticipated return to Labo T with his breathtaking new single, ‘Ego’. The artist, who last appeared on the French label at the start of the year with ‘Tears’, presents a journey full of ambivalences that condenses his inner struggles in a tightrope balancing act between light and shade.

The introspective ‘Ego’ is a quest founded on reverb-soaked percussion, adding flavor and depth to the frame, as drones and synths swell over exploding snares, setting the pace before a growling bassline overrides the system. As the bars continue, a pristine synth arp takes hold until a break in the clouds sees Ceas catching fresh air, as if in search of perspective. At it again, the meandering synth arp continues to sway in and out of the darkness as it treads through the iridescent caverns and crevices of Ceas’ own self. Oscillating between doubt and self-knowledge, the orchestra conducted by the artist lights up, like a beacon of hope, leading the way back home as it navigates its own creator back to safety across these tumultuous waters.

Ceas’ ‘Ego’ is a familiar story, no doubt. We all struggle, twist, and contort before we can find our own true shape, and the journey is perfectly exemplified throughout its eight minutes with a sublime narrative and polished sound design.

‘Ego’, by Ceas, is out now via Labo T. Purchase your copy here.

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