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Cera Alba: “I like writing music for the dance floor “

Cera Alba is a DJ/Producer who has really came into his own in the last 24 months. With hits on Hot Creations, Madtech, Moon Harbour and VIVa nailed down already, including others, he is a producer with a burgeoning reputation. Now with a recent release on Mile End Records, we caught up with the man to talk about the release, and his upcoming plans for the summer.

Electronic Groove: How are you? What has been good or bad for you recently?

Cera Alba: Yeah I’m good thanks. Well I’ve had a few releases out recently on Avotre, Mile End and Madtech all have been getting good feedback from people like Loco Dice, Maya Jane Coles, Sante, Joseph Capriati and loads more. Plus had some solid gigs booked in for summer at Sonar, Hideout and Paris so looking forward to those.

Electronic Groove: Do you produce a certain way or a certain sound when it comes to music for the labels you release on?

Cera Alba: I always try to write what’s true to myself. It can be difficult but you have to stay true to what you like and not make your music for a specific label. I love the raw dub and techno sound. I like to try and experiment with more melody and unique percussion to write my music. There is no set formula for how I write.

Electronic Groove: What inspired your latest one on Mile End? Where and when was it written, what do the titles mean?

Cera Alba: I wrote my Mile End EP after last summer, it was mainly inspired by my trips to Ibiza and a gig I played in London. I wanted to make something tough but also different with my own unique style. I think the EP works quite well.

Electronic Groove: You seem to love large, chunky, forceful sounds – why is that? Where does that one from? Is it all just aimed at the floor?

Cera Alba: I like writing music for the dance floor as I love to see the reaction in people when I play it but I also love melody and harmony, it’s essential and I feel it will come very prominent in the next few years.

Electronic Groove: Is it hard to add that sense of weight and meatiness to your tunes? Did you teach yourself? Any tips for listeners and readers looking to do the same?

Cera Alba: It’s not hard for me now, but it was for a long time! My advice would be never give up and keep experimenting, also using hardware will give you music a fuller more powerful sound.

Electronic Groove: What are some of the fav bits of gear you have for making music – and why do you like them? Are you a hardware of software guy?

Cera Alba: I’m mainly software but thats changing as I buy more kit, I’ve just bought a Korg Minilogue and MFB Tanzman Drum Machine. I think you can get good sounds in software, things like Dive and Omnisphere but analog hardware can never be beaten in my opinion.

Electronic Groove: Do you think “real” instruments are compatible with house and techno? To what extent do you think the machine element and atonality are part of the whole aesthetic?

Cera Alba: Yes of course in the right track and situation, they can be epic! I’m a huge fan of classical music and would love to merge the sounds together at some point.

Electronic Groove: What else you got coming up/are you looking forward to?

Cera Alba: Studio Studio Studio for the next few months along with a few gigs but mainly just writing music.

Electronic Groove: You got any Ibiza gigs? How do you like the island? Does sunny weather make you play or produce differently?

Cera Alba: Hopefully I will be over in Ibiza this summer, the summer weather definitely affects my mood but I always try and stick to the sound I’m trying to develop now rather than go with the seasons.

Electronic Groove: What’s it like when people like Loco Dice play your tune – does that affect how you work in the studio next time, does it add pressure? Are you always chasing that?

Cera Alba: It’s great if Loco Dice plays my music, he’s been an inspiration to me for a long time going way back to tracks he made with Martin Buttrich like El Gallo Negro. It won’t affect me I will still just write my own sound it’s the only way to stay true to yourself 🙂

Cera Alba’s ‘Relativity’ is out now on Mile End Records. Grab it here:


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