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Charlotte de Witte celebrates her origins on ‘Asura’ EP

Featuring three original cuts.

Belgian sensation Charlotte de Witte is back on her own KNTXT imprint with the release of her brand new ‘Asura’ EP.

All three of the tracks on this release, ‘Asura’, ‘Soma’, and ‘Stigma’, were exclusively included in her BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix, as the EP finds de Witte (the 2nd biggest techno artist on Spotify by now*) diving deep into her own past in electronic music while showcasing plenty of psychedelic influences

‘With ‘Asura’ I’m trying to give you a little insight into my musical influences by going back to my roots. We’re speaking about a young Charlotte who, about 12 / 13 years ago, got indulged in the world of electronic music by going to her first underground clubs and raves. From electro and techno to acid core and hardcore to psytrance. This EP flirts with the soundscapes of the latter’, says the artist about the new drop.

Listen to Charlotte de Witte’s ‘Asura’ EP below, and purchase your copy here.

*Source: Viberate

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