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Charlotte De Witte Explores Her Duality With Two New KNTXT EP’s

Charlotte de Witte explores her duality with two new KNTXT EP’s

‘Selected’ and ‘Pressure’ are the names of the releases.

Following the ‘Liquid Slow’ release produced with Chris Liebing, Charlotte de Witte will publish two new EPs, with four songs each, on her KNTXT label.

The first one, ‘Selected’, focuses on straight techno with an acid influence. The second, ‘Pressure’, has ambient influences, with more atmospheric sounds. The Belgian producer says that both are the perfect reflection of the music she has played over the years.

“For me, this duality is essential to explore my interests both as a producer and DJ, so it made sense to release them simultaneously, as we also combine our label releases with events and our weekly radio show”.

Both will be out on November 15th. Pre-order ‘Selected’ and  ‘Pressure’.

‘Selected’ EP Tracklist:
01. Selected
02. Form
03. Time
04. Amar

‘Pressure’ EP Tracklist:
01. Pressure
02. Meridians (Vocal Mix)
03. Meridians (Dub Mix)
04. Pattern

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