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Charlotte de Witte presents ‘Power Of Thought’

Also announced a Latin American tour.

Photo credit: Charlotte de Witte – Facebook

Belgian DJ and producer Charlotte de Witte returns with a new EP entitled ‘Power Of Thought.’ Released on her own label KNTXT, and presents three captivating tracks.

The trio starts with the title track ‘Power Of Thought’ which bursts into a techno beat mixed with spoken mantras of mindfulness. This is followed by ‘Pria’, a pulsating journey showcasing mantra-like vocals. The EP concludes with the ambient track ‘Abada’, emphasized by intermittent drums and enchanting vocals before gradually fading into silence.

De Witte shared her inspiration for the project, stating, “I wanted to create an EP that explores deeper emotions and captures the meditative trance experienced on the dance floor.”

In addition, Charlotte de Witte is preparing her anticipated Latin American tour with her KNTXT showcase. The tour will kick off in Mexico City on October 28th, followed by performances in Buenos Aires on November 5th, and Sao Paulo on November 10th.

Listen to ‘Power Of Thought’ below and grab your copy here.

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