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Patrice Bäumel debuts his HALO night in Denver

Photo Credit: Herman Ortega

The event took place on July 23rd at ReelWorks Denver.

Fresh from his recent involvement in EG’s 900th Podcast, sonic-sorcerer Patrice Bäumel has just blazed through the first edition of his own HALO events. Linking up with Denver’s Whirling Dervish Productions, the German DJ delivered a one-of-a-kind all-night-long performance, captivating the audience with gripping storytelling and a unique bond.

HALO is meant as a way to connect to my audience in a more meaningful way. I will be playing long sets, the DJ booth will be close to people, and there will be no distracting visuals in order to get people out of that mode of staring in one direction and consuming content. Instead, I want there to be a feeling of unity, adventure, and kindness,” previously explained Patrice to EG during his exclusive interview.

Relive the best moments from Patrice Bäumel’s first HALO with Whirling Dervish Productions, and listen to his recent contribution to our EG Podcast below.

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