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Chicago house music legend Chuck Roberts dies at 66

Renowned for his distinct spoken-word sermons.

Photo Credit: Chuck Roberts – Instagram

Chuck Roberts, a foundational figure in Chicago house music, has passed away at the age of 66. Roberts, a talented songwriter, producer, and vocalist, leaves a notable mark on the world of music.

Roberts, whose voice was synonymous with the house music genre, succumbed to cancer, passing away peacefully at his Illinois home on June 6th, 2024.

Born and raised in Chicago, Roberts‘ musical journey began in his childhood. At the tender age of six, he started singing at religious gatherings, and by his early teens, he was part of his first musical group. It was his early experiences singing at church that laid the foundation for his illustrious musical career.

Roberts was known and beloved for his unique spoken-word sermons in his music. His most notable contribution is the unforgettable sermon in Rhythm Controll’s 1987 track ‘My House’. The iconic opening line, “In the beginning, there was Jack”, has been sampled and celebrated extensively in music.

The memory of his talent, passion, and contribution to music will live on, serving as an inspiring testament to the man who was often referred to as the “voice of house music”.

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