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10 tracks CHKLTE is loving this summer

Jonathan, better known by his stage name, CHKLTE, is a gifted musician who approaches his craft with delicacy and precision. His music is both vibrant and seductive, drawing listeners in with deep, syrupy beats and subtle tendrils of sound.

Photo Credit: CHKLTE – Official

At just 15 years old, Jonathan began sneaking into South Texas clubs to DJ after spending hours digging through online archives. In 2012, he became a resident DJ in Austin, Texas, and quickly gained popularity as a guest DJ across the state.

Today, CHKLTE is a resident DJ for the well-known Blacktone agency and party series in Austin, Texas. He has shared the stage with some of the biggest names in the industry, including Dyed Soundroom, Nicolas Lutz, Francesco Del Garda, tINI, Raresh, Praslea, Lamache, and Robin Ordell.

Currently based between Ibiza and the United States, CHKLTE is a regular fixture at top music venues and festivals across the globe.

To celebrate his appearance at the Sumdayz Festival in Rome on Saturday, September 23rd, 2023, he has shared a list of 10 tracks that have been his personal favorites this summer.

1. Garrett David – Mi Casa (Ft Maudi) (Original Mix)

“This is a forthcoming track by the Chicago native and my good friend Garrett David. This one is a dreamy house number that just grabs you straight from the beginning! I’ve been playing this one out recently and it does some nice damage on the dance floor! Anything Garrett makes really works so well at any time of the day or night. Make sure to grab this one before it flies off the shelves.”

2. Sakro – To The E (Original Mix)

“If you’re not familiar with Sakro then you’ve probably been hiding under a rock. This track has all my favorite elements to it, speed garage/house & minimal. The bass and heavy electro-feel synths work so well together! The whole EP on his new label Facing Realities is quite amazing.”

3.  Ray Mono – Unwind Your Mind (CHKLTE’s Peace Of Mind Remix)

“This is a new remix of mine just released this past week on the label OGE coming out of the UK. This label has been a staple in the minimal scene for the past 6 or 7 years. I was really happy to put my own twist on this amazing track by my good friend Ray Mono. My version is a loopy and trippy trick that keeps building forward the drops at both the middle and end of the track.”

4. Boss Priester – NRG (Original Mix)

“I received this test pressing from the Badumtish honcho sir Alec Falconer during one of my gigs at Club Der Visionaere in Berlin earlier this year and it hasn’t left my record bag since. Just a proper rolling techy banger from Boss Priester that works every time. Beautiful synth stabs throughout the track and keeps pumping the whole time.”

5. DJ Nasty – Freaky Tonight (Original Mix)

“AH this track just does something to me, makes me wanna dance and get down all night! I grabbed this record digging in Amsterdam a couple years ago before the pandemic and it was quite a find. The baseline and loopy vocals from the Detroit legend DJ Nasty are just right to put someone in a good dancing mood.”

6. Body Moods – Agitate It (Jazz-N-Groove Deep Mix)

“One of my favorite deep house tracks of all time that always finds its way back into my sets. Perfect for the after-hour mornings or to start off the night. Beautiful pads through and through the whole track.”

7. LVCA & Marlon – Xtra Spice (Original Mix)
“A new cut from the boys LVCA & Marlon, who have been putting out quite some dance floor heaters lately. This record has been in heavy rotation for me. A solid driving baseline that keeps you busy on your feet.”

8. The Men From Atlantis – Control Freak (Original Mix)

“A heavy deep house number here. The infectious pads and bass stabs in this one always light up the floor. Originally released in 1996 but was repressed a couple years ago and I was able to snag a copy, still stands time.”

9. Laverne Radix – Dick Control (Original Mix)

“A classic chugging minimal bomb from Laverne Radix aka Maayan Nidam. This track has also stood the test of time and continues to pump throughout my sets. Anything from Maayan or any of her other aliases is just pure class. Spacey sounds and trippy work on the vocal sample is just captivating.”

10. Spandrel – It’s Hard 2 Fuck Up Eggs (Original Mix)

Spandrel aka Snadini aka the magic man SNAD, one of my dearest friends & favorite producers for the past couple of years. This is a new cut of his on his new label. Just a sick rolling tech-house / minimal track that never fails to make it into my sets this past year. Keep on the lookout for all the stuff he is putting out, you won’t be disappointed”

CHKLTE will be performing at Sumdayz Festival in Rome on Saturday 23rd September 2023. For more info and tickets click here.

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