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Chloé Caillet remixes Flight Facilities’ ‘Trouble’

The track is now accessible through Future Classic.

Photo credit: Chloé Caillet – Official

Flight Facilities’ latest single, ‘Trouble,’ has been revamped in a new remix by  Chloé Caillet. The remixed version is now available via Future Classic.

Chloé Caillet, known for her work as a writer, producer, and performing artist was entrusted with remixing ‘Trouble.’ The original track captured the blissful atmosphere of Ibiza’s sun-soaked beaches. This collaboration also includes Owl Eyes, a long-time friend and creative partner of Flight Facilities.

Caillet’s remix dives deep into Ibiza’s famous nightlife, maintaining its tribute to the golden era of Sydney’s club scene in the late 2000s while transforming it into a bona fide rave anthem. Her production skills have added a unique touch to the track, aptly described by Flight Facilities as “That… je ne sais quoi.”

Her musical talent shines in her releases with CircoLoco, Defected, and HE.SHE.THEY. In 2023, she initiated the first phase of her event concept series and her soon-to-launch label, SMIILE, in Barcelona and London, aiming to unite through music and reflect her identity as a queer artist.

Listen to Trouble (Chloé Caillet Remix) below and grab your copy here.

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