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Christian Eyer & Fabians present ‘Geometric’

A new collaborative 4-track EP.

Italo-German DJ producer and label manager Christian Eyer and emerging Italian producer Fabians have linked up for their new collaborative effort,  the ‘Geometric’ EP. The record is already available to stream and purchase across all major digital platforms via Dome Music Therapy.

‘Geometric’ is the first collaboration ever between both producers and showcases four original cuts (‘Circle’, ‘Square’, ‘Triangle’, & ‘Rectangle’) that find Eyer & Fabians finding a haunting balance between deep electronica and melodic techno.

Due to the close synergy between both artists, they took the project a step further and also shared a conceptual B2B performance, the ‘Geometric DJ Set’.

You can listen to a sampler of Christian Eyer & Fabians’ ‘Geometric’ EP and their ‘Geometric DJ Set’ below, and purchase your copy of the record here.


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