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Cinthie Prepares Her Debut Album On Aus Music

Cinthie prepares her debut album on Aus Music

Photo Credit: Marie Staggat Photography

The LP is made up of twelve songs.

German DJ and producer Cinthie will present her first album ‘Skylines – City Lights’ via Aus Music to be out in June.

With this record, the artist stands out for the authenticity that characterizes her house style, and at the same time, she gives us a sonic palette that leans towards downtempo, acid house, and her all-time disco influences.

Over the years, the Berlin-based producer has left her mark in different corners of Europe. With her sets, and even her own record store, Cinthie has become a promoter of contemporary electronic music, and this release promises to add to her hit list.

‘Skylines – City Lights’ will be released on June 15th. Listen to a preview below.


1. Skylines
2. Houze Muzik
3. Concentrate
4. 2k Garage
5. Horizon
6. Calling
7. Flashback
8. Citylights
9. Mornings In Melbourne
10. Bassline
11. No One Can Take You From Me
12. 803 The Meme Queen

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