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Claptone introduces new label, Golden Recordings

The first single is out now.

Photo Credit: Claptone / Official

 Masked entertainer Claptone has just announced the launch of his brand new label, Golden Recordings. The inaugural single, ‘Euphoria’, is already available to stream and purchase across all major digital platforms.

“I created Golden Recordings to celebrate house music and its everlasting golden era. To revel in its strong roots as well as its diversity and open-mindedness, which bring forth new sounds and flavors every day. May it continue for another eternity in this and at least 3294 other parallel universes,” explains Claptone about the concept behind the new label.

‘Euphoria’, the first delivery on Golden Recordings, finds Claptone riding a classic keyboard riff over an anthemic house frame for a sonic rollercoaster, complete with intricate percussive patterns and heavy-handed bassline.

“With all the great songs I have released recently and all the vocal-heavy productions out there today, I felt it was time to produce a straight-up, fully instrumental club track, to start off my new label Golden Recordings properly. You could say I wanted to let the music speak for itself, and sonically evoke a feeling of intense excitement and pure bliss. It’s highly contagious, but luckily it’s ‘Euphoria’.” he adds.

Listen to Claptone’s new single ‘Euphoria’ below, and grab your copy of the record here.

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