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Clarian introduces advanced course on NFTs via Udemy

In collaboration with bestselling Personal Development & Habits Expert, TJ Walker.

Renowned producer Clarian is back again on Udemy once again with another stellar course. Following the success of his music production program, which is one of the platform’s best-rated courses, Clarian (the first artist ever to mint a record on the blockchain) now presents the first-ever Udemy advanced course on Non-Fungible Tokens, a new technological system that enables artists to set whatever price they believe their art is worth, and to regain control of their art by taking out the middle man, decentralizing the process.

‘I realized in this process how many independent artists out there are interested in learning about NFTs in general, like how to set them up or even what are the pros and cons. I believe that knowledge is power and that everyone should learn how to mint their music and trade it on the market and not just a wealthy few. I think it could actually be really cool and beneficial for music culture in general and bring a lot of fun and interesting times ahead which are much needed to the indie and electronic scene. It’s about artists setting their own prices for a change and gaining new value over 0.004 cents a stream and bringing the vibe back to the 90s. I also love how it means cutting out corporation cuts and tech giants like Spotify and Patreon and making it about the music and art again and not about social media and rhetoric,’ said Clarian to Electronic Groove.

You can read our basic guide to NFTs here, and sign up for Clarian’s Udemy course here.

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