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Clarian Launches ‘The Complete Audio Producer 2020’ Masterclass

Clarian launches ‘The Complete Audio Producer 2020’ masterclass

The workshop seeks to train professionals in the art of audio production.

Critically acclaimed producer and audio engineer Clarian (Kompakt, Lost & Found, Turbo) delivers a game-changing gateway for producers with ‘The Complete Audio Producer 2020’ (Udemy). This in-depth course makes professional-quality audio production accessible and affordable to all, even complete newcomers. All this, without any extra outlay on soft/hardware – students can learn top-level production with just a computer and a set of headphones.

‘I have captured my life’s work in this course. There is no other program on or off the Internet like this. This is unique in its style’, says Clarian, who has worked with major international labels and publishers. The course has already been well received by leading names in the industry, including Michael Mayer, Kompakt, Hernan Cattaneo, Visionquest, Tiga, Felix Da Housecat, Balance, Culprit, Guy J, Behrouz, and more. Through this modality, students will be able to submit exercises, engage in discussions through their online community, and reach thousands of listeners around the world with monthly challenges.

The ultimate goal of ‘The Complete Audio Producer 2020’ is for students to learn how to make professional-quality audio productions and SFX with just a computer, produce a short film score, create the foundation for a video game soundtrack, understand nature from sound waves and audio signals, know how to connect with stamps and much more.

For more info and purchase the course click here.

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