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Clarian next on Culprit

One of Montreal’s most successful producers is releasing a new EP on Los Angeles label Culprit.

Titled “Derail The Reptile Revolution” the EP brings us 5 news songs that are set to be the one of the most artistic release from the label, showcasing Clarian’s trajectory and composing abilities.

The five tunes have a life of their own, showcasing a different personality where the reflection of the California desserts, Hollywood glam and the beautiful Pacific sunsets are imprinted as the inspiration behind the EP.

Clarian came into the underground scene with his Footprintz band project which didn’t last long but left a flame that keeps on giving. Since then the artist has released in important labels like Visionquest, Rumors and Kompakt.

‘Derail The Reptile Revolution’ will be out on November 21st.


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