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Cloche and Miguel Torga – The Fulfiller (Con+ainer Music)

Con+ainer present a very special release as they bring together the 2 prime cuts from the entire Con+ainer catalog and offer them up on a superb 10” record. To give a glimpse of the attention lavished to the details on this release, the cover design is a collaboration with Andy Calabozo, and each record cover was hand painted by the Con+ainer staff, meaning that all available copies are unique!

So what is on the records, well we have 4 different guises of house music delivered by 3 Portuguese artists who feature prominently on the Portuguese club circuit namely Cloche, Miguel Torga and Fidelio.

A1. Is The Fulfiller (Original Mix), a wonderfully dusty summer jam, akin of something you would hear Andres or Moodyman dropping to a smiling crowd. Plenty of recognizable samples for the crowd chant along to, the same care free attitude is placed on the arrangement with lots of drops and unexpected life.

The A2 see’s Fidelio Rework ‘The Fulfiller’. He moves what once was a hazy summer track into an up tempo tech version diving into the huge soundscape of the original to highlight and enable the twists and turns Fidelio delivers in this classy but fun remix

B1. UM Pouquinho Mais’ by leans more towards the techier side of things but still with an undercurrent of something weird and wonderful about it. Productions values are at a high on this with each element of this track perfectly sculpted to give maximum impact, which in turn delivers us with a fantastic jacking groove made for those sweaty dancefloors.

B2. ‘A Festa E O Baile’ is a fresh tech house track with some really nice flairs of production. The interesting array of sounds and riff ideas are cleverly placed giving this track a light and cool vibe making it a track ready to be played in many different settings.

Cloche / Miguel Torga ‘The Fulfiller’ EP is already available on Con+ainer Music. Grab your copy here.

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