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Colyn premieres the first episode of its documentary series ‘UNFILTERED’

Showcasing an exciting journey through Argentina.

Photo credit: Colyn – Official

DJ and producer Colyn has just released the first episode of his multi-part documentary series, ‘UNFILTERED.’  The episode is already available on the artist’s YouTube channel and takes viewers on a journey through Argentina.

Set against stunning landscapes and a vibrant culture, Colyn’s performance in Cordoba is tested by powerful thunderstorms, presenting a unique challenge for him. The episode includes special guest appearances from Agustin Giri, Korolova, Belu Clavero, and Nim.

This series offers a glimpse into Colyn’s life on tour in the music industry. Viewers can expect to be immersed in the experience with his tracks as the soundtrack. Each episode, lasting 20 minutes, will be released every Tuesday at 7 PM CET, providing behind-the-scenes insights.

Colyn collaborates with videographer Arun to capture the emotions, challenges, and triumphs of his artistic career. From Amsterdam to Tulum, Miami, and Dubai, viewers will witness adventures, encounters with artists like Rüfüs Du Sol, and performances at renowned venues such as Space Miami and Coachella.

Watch the first episode of ‘UNFILTERED’ below.

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