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Copenhagen gives birth to Kassiopeia Kollektive

Over its history, Denmark has provided talented house and techno labels. This time we are witnessing the birth of a new and promising one, Kassiopeia Kollektive, which is coming out with it’s firs and strong release ”Faint”, by young techno protégé Notize, accompanied by Kevin Over’s ”Kongoshuffle remix”.

Notize is a proven young producer with already successful releases in labels such as Stil Vor Talent, Armada, Einmusika to name a few. For this special occasion he has created a massive track with dark synths that create a swirling effect on the mind. The house baseline keeps the track dancing and alive prompting a dark smile in those who enjoy the late night hours.

The remix by Kevin Over comes with a more hypnotic feel where minimal sounds remind us of the industrial age. Following the evolution of the track we come into the presence rhythmic drums that enhance the hypnotic feel providing a sense of rituality.

”The idea behind our name erupts from our strong belief and faith in nature, the world beyond our nature, the spirit and the rejuvenation of letting yourself loose in the moment. The escapist moment that occurs when you listen to good quality music and see yourself in a place where no one can touch you, or control your feelings in anyway. Kassiopeia is all about good music that takes you on a road trip through sound healing effects.”

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