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Cora Novoa debuts on Tiga’s Turbo Recordings with ‘Sun/Blackout’

Photo credit: Suko

The EP brings two fresh tracks.

Tiga’s Turbo Recordings closes out the Twin Turbo imprint with a striking label debut from Barcelona-based artist Cora Novoa.

The SEEKING THE VELVET boss has garnered a highly regarded reputation as a promising tastemaker that is fusing the worlds of music, technology, design, and fashion. She has already featured music on Vitalic’s Citizen Records, John Talabot’s Hivem Discs, and Natura Sonoris, the label of Henry Saiz.

Her first steps on Turbo come in the form of two powerful cuts, ‘Sun’ and ‘Blackout’, which blend invigorating techno and electro elements. Stream and buy here.

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