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Jeniffer Cardini’s Correpondant Records to release its 4th annual compilation

In order to celebrate another year in the electronic music orbit, Correpondant Records just announced that they will release their annual album compilation.

Label owner Jennifer Cardini has assembled a cavalcade of Correspondant’s core family (Man Power, Red Axes, Javi Redondo), closest collaborators (Axel Boman, Borusiade), and newest friends (Chida, Yovav, Dollkraut, Kiwi, Jonathan Kusuma, Autarkic) to show the world that Correspondant has a synthetic heart of punk which pumps glacial disco through its frozen veins

The compilation represents the beginning of celebrations for the label’s 5th Birthday; in a summer that will see Correspondant hit the road, visiting some of their favorite clubs and presenting showcases from their closest artists.

Correspondant Compilation Vol.4 drops on June 10th, 2016


  1. Die Wilde Jagd – Drachenfels
  2. Vox Lox – I am A Strange Machine Sometimes
  3. Chida – Aoyoma Tunnel
  4. Gilad Kahana – Africa Sheli (Red Axes Remix)
  5. Javi Redondo – Narcotic Luv
  6. Axel Boman – The Chains Of Liberty
  7. Man Power – Cine
  8. Borusiade – Nihilist Conga
  9. Autarkic – Accidents
  10. Jonathan Kusuma – Metro Mini
  11. INIT – Prelog Strain
  12. Dollkraut – Bonnie Said
  13. Yovav – Running Wave
  14. Rina – Pianista
  15. Kiwi – Cormorant


Watch Man Power “Stunt Cock” video, recently released on Correspondant Records.


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