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Coyu Prepares Debut Album ‘You Don’t Know’

Coyu prepares debut album ‘You Don’t Know’

The material has been on production for over 7 years.

Spanish DJ and producer Coyu is about to drop his first LP to be out June 17th. Entitled ‘You Don’t Know’ will be released on his label Suara Music.

A career-defining moment for the artist’s career where he will count with electronic music stellar collaborations that include names such as Lazarusman, Mike Leary, The Horrorist., Thomas Gandey and Gabriella Vergilov.

“The album is named ‘You Don’t Know’ because many people have a preconceived idea of who I am. Until now, maybe I wasn’t smart enough to show them who I really am, my roots, what I love and what I can offer to the music.  With this album I want to change that preconception. I want to show a side of me that people have never seen”, Coyu commented.

Listen to the snippets below and get your copy here.

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