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Cralias shares ‘Acid Rain’ from upcoming ‘Kali Yuga’ album

The EP blends intricate melodies, realistic tones, club beats, and harmonies.

Photo credit: Cralias – Bandcamp

Cralias has recently unveiled ‘Acid Rain’, a preview of the full album, ‘Kali Yuga’, set to launch on May 3rd, 2024. This EP highlights the artist’s knack for creating complex melodies, merging authentic tones with club beats and warm harmonies.

It begins with ‘I’ll Try’, a track setting a multifaceted mood. It explores sound manipulation and playfully asks, ‘is the turntable at the right speed?’, suggesting Cralias’ emotional depth. Next is ‘U Got Me’, a collaboration with DJ Animebby. This track merges Cralias’ production skills with DJ Animebby’s distinctive sound. The title cut, ‘Acid Rain’, uses atmospheric synths and a sturdy bassline to convey the feeling of strolling through a rain-drenched city. The EP wraps up with ‘Dawn’, another joint effort with DJ Animebby, which blends high energy with a hint of optimism, providing a stylish end to the musical package.

Listen to ‘Acid Rain’ below and get your copy here.

Pre-order ‘Kali Yuga’ here.

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